Overheard On The Bolance

In the Emergency Department just now (not the busiest one by a long shot):

Rude, Uber-Surly Hospitalist (to triage nurse): “They can wait! If they want to keep bringing people in here, they can wait!”

Harried Triage Nurse (sighing): “Room 4 will be clean in a bit, guys. Mind hanging out on the wall for ten minutes or so?”

Ambulance Driver: “No problem. What’s her problem tonight? And why is she down here anyway?”

HTN (rolling her eyes: “Just ignore her. She gets this way sometimes.”

RUSH (shouting from the doctor’s desk): “Why do you people keep bringing patients here?”

AD (perfectly mirroring her tone): “Chuck E. Cheese and Dave and Busters were on diversion!”

RUSH:“Excuse me?”

AD: “Normally we prefer someplace with better food and ambiance. But they’re all full, so we’re kidnapping healthy people and bringing them here, just for our own general amusement.”

The triage nurse found it much funnier than the hospitalist did.


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