Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate 2000 Round Challenge: Now That’s More Like It!

Got busy with EMS conference season and the holidays, and haven’t been to the range since Blogorado. After speaking with Girsan and getting a new RDS and more magazines, I managed to sneak in a little range time here at Casa de Ambulance Driver.

Temperature was a mild 57 degrees, 40% humidity, and sunny. I fired 50 rounds each of Blazer aluminum-cased 147 grain FMJ, Winchester white box 147 grain JHP, and Remington 147 grain FMJ. There were no malfunctions to report, and the gun functioned flawlessly. I am pleased to note that the front sight also stayed right where it was.

Next week, chronograph and accuracy testing if I can get to my local indoor range for a couple of days.

Many thanks to the great folks at Lucky Gunner for the ammo to conduct this test. If you don’t get your ammo there, you should.

That’s a total of 470 rounds fired, with 3 failures to eject and 2 failures to fire. 1,530 rounds to go.

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