Louisiana’s World Steampunk Exposition AAR

Spent the weekend closer to home this time, at the World Steampunk Exposition and Maker’s Fair in Lafayette. I hung out with the Three Moms of the Apocalypse, ate great Cajun food, read a story to a few folks, worked on writing some other stories, and signed a few books.

This is the first time back for the World Steampunk Expo after a six-year hiatus, and attendance was a little over 200 people. This bodes well for organizers in growing and continuing the event. There was an excellent vendor area full of creative people hawking artisanally crafted goods that fir the steampunk aesthetic.

I did a few panels, notably “Medicine Throughout the Ages” and “Steam, Gunpowder and Sharp Edges: What Makes a Weapon Steampunk?” My panels’ attendees were enthusiastic and engaged, and I had the opportunity to attend a number of other informative panels from passionate and creative people.

The cabaret and ball was attended by some awesome cosplayers, and we were treated to music by the New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra. These guys rocked! Best of all, I got to hang out with the kid all weekend, and KatyBeth positively squee’d at the opportunity to hang out at a con and get her geek on.

The author takes a break from signing to take a picture.
The author’s daughter KatyBeth, an aspiring writer herself, gets her geek on.

Ended the weekend chauffeuring a trio of fellow conference vendors home to Mountain Home, AR after their vehicle went kaboom, leaving them stranded in Lafayette. That put me driving 18 hours straight, followed by a 24-hour ambulance shift.

I’m pooped!

New short story coming later this week, with early access for my newsletter subscribers!

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