EMS 2.0

EMS 2.0

It started as an offhand comment by Happy Medic, then evolved into an idea, then bloomed into a movement. Since then, it’s been a constant topic of conversation in the EMS blogosphere.

What is EMS 2.0, you ask? Well, it means different things to different people. At it’s heart, EMS 2.0 is a re-thinking of prehospital care in this country – from dispatch to system design, provider education to system protocols. It’s a grassroots effort to fundamentally redesign EMS from the ground up.

What it isn’t, is more patchwork solutions to a flawed model. It’s time to stop polishing this turd. We’re not even describing it as “thinking outside the box.”

To hell with that, we want a new box.

And what is my part in it all? Depending upon whom you talk to, I’m either the tempering voice of reason, or the curmudgeonly old crank yelling at all those idealistic kids to get the hell off my lawn.


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