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For You EMS Types…

… there’s another column about EMS 2.0 over on EMS1.com. Weigh in with your comments. They’d be appreciated by a number of others with interest in the subject, not just my little approval-whoring self. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

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EMS 2.0: An Inconvenient EMS Truth

Of those three identified categories of trauma death, EMS has the potential to positively impact only one: those who would die within hours due to hypovolemia or hypoxia. Funny thing is, the outcomes in those patients don't seem to reflect much difference between the patients who made to surgery within the Golden Hour and those who made it in the Aluminum Afternoon.

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EMS 2.0: The Wet Blanket Post

It started in a response to Rogue Medic’s reply to an anonymous commenter, and my subsequent reply. Happy Medic opined in his blog that EMS as we know it needs a reboot. EMS 2.0, he called it. Just a throwaway line, really, about how we need to re-think the way we’ve educated ourselves in the past, and how we will ...

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