Discovered by the Singularly Humorless


I have found a new critic. Recovering Paramedic writes:

Holy HIPAA, Batman. Calling "Gary," even if his name is "Ed," and known only to "locals," is still disclosure of individually identifiable health information. And even if the address on "Highway 808" is really "Highway 80," which gives a good address for that number... do you not understand what confidentiality means? Or does the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights not have
jurisdiction in your parish?

I know what HIPAA means, Recovering. Do you? Actually, it relates to electronic storage and transmission of patient records. Patient confidentiality laws were in place long before HIPAA. And yes, the details, times, addresses and even the major players in each story has been purposely muddied, obfuscated and downright changed to make it impossible to identify the players. And those players who ARE identified by name have signed releases.

I did this primarily to protect patient confidentiality while at the same time telling entertaining stories, and secondarily to protect myself from semi-informed guardhouse EMS lawyers like yourself.

And yes, I read your other comments as well. They read like stereo instructions. So much so, that I fear you miss the point entirely.

So either develop a sense of humor or go troll someone else's blog, goober.