Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Medic 999…

… over at Confessions of An EMS Newbie.

As an added bonus, no Ambulance Driver to listen to!

While I was recuperating from the effects of an inadvertent haz-mat exposure (long story here), Ron interviewed JEMS Fire/EMS blogger Mark Glencorse about EMS in the United Kingdom.

Mark answers questions on everything from what EMT training entails in the U.K., to medical direction, to differences in the U.K. EMS systems that allow paramedics to triage patients to places other than the ED, to the fact that Mark wears David Beckham pajamas, and was a founding member of Wham! before being replaced by Andrew Ridgely.

Okay, I might have made those last two up, but still, it’s a fascinating interview. You should give it a listen!