Credit Where It’s Due

I jokingly call my employer The Borg, because we inexorably creep outward from our central Hive, assimilating smaller EMS systems as we go, and I make light of the fact that my penchant for doing first and asking for forgiveness later often runs contrary to The Borg’s idea of what a good little drone should be. Try as they may, I refuse to be fully assimilated into the Hive Mind.

I simply don’t believe that private, for-profit EMS is the ideal EMS system, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that I have spent my career working in such systems.

I’ve known some of my fellow drones for 15 years, and I’ve spurned more than a few recruitment offers over the years, because of that fact. A few of my supervisors are people I taught to be EMT’s, way back in the day.

But having been a semi-assimilated drone for close to three years now, I have to say that, as private, for-profit EMS goes, The Borg is head-and-shoulders above any company I’ve ever worked for in the past. Indeed, they do it better than just about any that I’ve even heard of, and my contacts and friends in EMS stretch from coast to coast.

They take education seriously, they pay you a decent salary, and they give you nice equipment to work with. Moreover, they do try to treat their Drones well.

I was reminded of that fact today by a phone call from my supervisor, informing me that a Christmas bonus would be awating me in his office on Friday.

A very nice Christmas bonus, one independent of the annual pay raises we’ll get again this year. In fact, in the 30+ year history of this company, there have only been a couple of years when its employees didn’t get an annual raise, and never has their pay been cut.

In this economy, that’s saying something.

So, AD of Borg thanks you for your generosity. I feel rejuvenated, my faith restored in the Hive. Heck, I may even try to go the rest of the month without getting another refusal.

But don’t count on it. I’m only half-assimilated, after all.