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Overheard On a Skype Chat

While getting ready to record this week's episode of Confessions of an EMS Newbie, Ron Davis and I had the following exchange:

Ron: "So man, how was your weekend?"

AD: "Not bad. Taught a PALS class on the other end of the state, went jet-skiing on Lake Bruin, took the kids to Poverty Point…"

Ron: "Poverty Point? What's that, some kind of amusement park with a homelessness theme?"

AD: "More like a drive-through safari park, except the animals rush the car with squeegees and beg for spare change."

And now he's got my mind awhirl with what kind of rides a homeless-themed amusement park might have…

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  • colb4130

    The poverty park from my neck of the woods in Florida had a ride called the “AIDS dodge”. It was scary!

  • Rogue Medic

    They have these in New York City, near the bridges. It is best to get out and chase them away before they even get close to the car. Nothing they will apply to the car will do anything to make the car cleaner.

  • ZerCool

    From the Michelin guide:

    “…[W]ith rides such as the ‘Pink Elephant’ and ‘Dipsy’s DTs’, this park offers enjoyment for kids of all ages. We highly recommend a stop at the Soup Kitchen Cafe for your mid-day meal, and make sure the kids get a lifetime souvenir over at the Dirty Needle Tattoo Parlor – the ink is henna but the hepatitis is real!”

    • Anonymous


      Ambulance Driver

  • Useldinger

    For the children: The shopping cart full of plastic trashbags ride, The guess the number of teeth left in the crack addicts mouth game, a kiddie plastic ball pool called ” the dumpster dive “, finger painting with the CSI finger print powder, and of course an educational game: learning to count on each others ribs.