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It’s Like My Own Little Version of “Hail To The Chief!”

One of the coolest things I've seen hospitals do is to play a lullabye over the public address system every time a baby is born. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

What's even cooler is when you call report to the Labor and Delivery Unit, updating the patient report you called in five minutes before with the fact that you are now bringing them a vigorous, squalling and absolutely gorgeous newborn girl, and they play the lullabye as soon as you roll through the doors to the Emergency Department.

It was like I had my own set of heralds trumpeting my arrival. I'd like to say I resisted the urge to favor them with a sweeping, triumphant bow, but that just wouldn't be me to resist such an urge, now would it?

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  • Lynda

    Nothing like that particular cry to reawaken our senses and renew our hope for humans. Congratulations.

  • Jeremy Langston

    Congrats bro. No other feeling parallels that one.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Glad things ‘came out well’… :-)

  • Prehospital RN

    What an awesome feeling!!

    The hospital where I work does the same thing whenever a baby is born … One time I was in a patient’s room when the lullaby began to play overhead.  The patient asked me what it meant, and I explained, “They play it whenever a new baby is born in the hospital.”

    The patient thought about that for a few seconds, then asked, “If they do that every time a baby is born, do they play Taps whenever someone dies?”

  • Jaynemanrow

    let me see, honest joy at a new life and tremendous thankfulness that everything went well.  Twinned with the tape of all that could have gone wrong.  Bless you and the family of the new edition.  Did they name the baby Kelly?

  • skidmark

    All that fuss for standing around and playing catcher?  As much as your soothing presence made the event a non-catastrophe, the credit and huzzahs belong to mom and her little bundle of tax exemptions.  [i]Sic Gloria Transit Mundi[/i] and all that.

    But still, it’s a great feeling to have been involved in any way.

    stay safe.

  • Cybrludite

    Prehospital RN, I’ve been making that same comment here, only with a dirge instead of Taps. Let me just say that them playing Brahm’s lullaby at random intervals doesn’t help me stay awake on the night shift.

  • Larry N

    Among the top three events in a 30+ EMS career was delivering a little girl in a tropical storm. Mom and Dad named her Storm. (Not sure I think that was a great idea, but she will have a story to tell for the rest of her life).

  • Ted

    So if you ever became a pro wrestler, your intro music would be Brahms’ “Lullaby”?

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