Kilted to Kick Cancer Spotlight: A Mile High And 45 Degrees North

You don't have to have a Y chromosome to care about male-specific cancer, and Carrie of A Mile High and 45 Degrees North has accepted the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge on behalf of her friends and relatives who sport external plumbing. She also has my dream job of working in EMS at freakin' Yellowstone National Park. Seriously, with scenery like that, the National Park Service could buy AD's services very cheaply indeed.

She's a space-age cartographer, an EMT, a blogger, a grad student, and a cancer survivor in her own right. You can support her fundraising efforts for the Prostate Cancer Foundation here, and LiveStrong here. Drop by her blog and let her you know you appreciate what she's doing, and drop a few bucks in the kitty for cancer research while you're there. If even 20 of you donated $5 each, that's $100 toward a very worthy cause.

She blogs at A Mile High and 45 Degrees North, and she's Kilted to Kick Cancer.