Kilted to Kick Cancer Spotlight: Better and Better

With apologies to Shaquille O'Neal. the real Big Aristotle is my buddy Matt G. of Better and Better. It's an odd juxtaposition to find a man so intimidatingly large, and yet so thoughtful and well-spoken. You sit and drink a beer with him and swap stories, and you expect what comes from his mouth to sound like Bull Shannon, and when it comes out sounding more like Ben Steyn, you can't help but blink. And in these days of the ever-increasing police state and cops behaving badly, he is one of the peace officers whom I hold up as worthy of emulation. He is a credit to his profession, and what more cops should strive to be.

His tag line says it all:

I think that there's bound to be a way to serve myself, serve my community, and not take freedom away from good people.

He's a cop, a shooter and hunter, a libertarian, and one of my dearest friends. You can support him with donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation here. Drop by his blog and let him know you appreciate what he's doing, and drop a few dollars in the pot to support male-specific cancer research. If even 20 of you donate $5 each, that's $100 closer to a very worthy goal.

He's Matt G. of Better and Better, and he's Kilted to Kick Cancer.