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I Need to Check My Sitemeter More Often

Topped a cool two million unique visits sometime earlier today. That was months after I figured it would happen, but I finally got there. I need to post more often.

Thanks to all my readers for making it fun, and here's to the next two million. May they get here sooner rather than later.

More free ice cream coming soon.

Comments - Add Yours

  • Chip Davis

    Congratulation, AD.

  • Hilinda

    Congratulations, or something. And yes, you should post more often. Definitely.

  • Samdodson2

    You give out free ice cream??? 

  • Anonymous

    Congrats AD :-)

  • Dave The PCP(F)

    How do we get in on this free icecream??

  • Farmist

    Congrats on the milestone!