Generation Gap

Dispatched to a wreck earlier tonight, I rummaged around behind the seat for my reflective traffic vest, only to find that the only one they had back there was a medium.

Nonetheless, one does not work on the highway at night without reflective gear unless one is suicidal, even if the garment in question makes you look like eight pounds of shit in a five-pound sack.

Besides, I could see the comedic potential a mile away. So, I squeeze into the vest, all the while singing, "Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a liiiitle coooaaattt…"

All I got from my partner was a blank stare.

"Come on man, you never saw Tommy Boy?" I ask incredulously. "Chris Farley? Matt Foley, motivational speaker?"

This time the blank stare is accompanied by a shrug. "No, who are they?"

Then I got to thinking, Tommy Boy came out in 1995. My partner was five years old at the time. He was only seven when Farley died.

Shit, I feel old.