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Generation Gap

Dispatched to a wreck earlier tonight, I rummaged around behind the seat for my reflective traffic vest, only to find that the only one they had back there was a medium.

Nonetheless, one does not work on the highway at night without reflective gear unless one is suicidal, even if the garment in question makes you look like eight pounds of shit in a five-pound sack.

Besides, I could see the comedic potential a mile away. So, I squeeze into the vest, all the while singing, "Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a liiiitle coooaaattt…"

All I got from my partner was a blank stare.

"Come on man, you never saw Tommy Boy?" I ask incredulously. "Chris Farley? Matt Foley, motivational speaker?"

This time the blank stare is accompanied by a shrug. "No, who are they?"

Then I got to thinking, Tommy Boy came out in 1995. My partner was five years old at the time. He was only seven when Farley died.

Shit, I feel old.

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  • ZerCool

    Heathens. Sit him down with some of the “Best of ______” SNL discs and properly educate him.

    • mrmacs

      Better yet, hand the kid a handful of SNL on VHS tapes and watch him scratch his head.

  • LittleRed1

    I had a herd of college freshmen stare blankly at me when I played “We Don’t Need No Education” before class. (0830 US History, a Friday in May, 2006) Not only would they not admit to having heard of “The Wall” but none of them recognized the name Pink Floyd! Yeah, I felt old.

  • Crucis

    Ref my blog post last week titled, “Dated.” You’re not the only one. Just a late-comer. :-)

  • Ron King

    Did you go all “reverse Hulk Hogan” and rip it apart to take it off?

  • Old_NFO

    LOL, how do you think “I” feel around you and Gary… And how Lou and I feel since we’re even older than you!

  • Kj_reed

    LOL You are old Kelly!!

  • Nick

    Hah, I’m an ’83 vintage and _I_ feel old around some of the newbies coming through our service!

  • James Kelly

    Sheeeit, AD, I’m only two years older than your partner, and I remember that AND Farley’s death…my parents raised me right. I’m in college right now, and at the young age of 24 I am made to feel old on a daily basis. It’s sad, really.

  • Weerdbeard

    Fuck I guess we are old…

  • Evyl Robot Michael

    Borrowed my Grandpa’s pickup when I rebuilt the car a couple weeks ago.  Driving it, I thought about the fact that it is a 1990 model, and having topped the 20-year mark, it is now a ‘classic’.  I remember when it was brand new.  It’s not possible for a car that I remember as showroom fresh to now be a ‘classic.’

  • Medic Tiny SC

    AD… You might call me anal retentive but, I own my own vest. For no other reason than not have to do the FAT MAN dance. Thank you for your blog and your contributions to EMS in general