Challenges Made, Challenges Accepted

In the course of fundraising here for Kilted to Kick Cancer 2012, those competing to raise the most funds naturally get a little competitive. Challenges are made, gauntlets are thrown, people's mamas are insulted, side bets are made…

… all in the name of friendly competition for a good cause, of course.

Last year, Caleb Giddings pledged to wear a kilt to the Bianchi Cup if his readers donated over $1,000. They did, and he did. Caleb even upped the ante to include a donation to LiveStrong for every X he shot in the match, and several pro shooters agreed to match his donations.

This year, he's upping the ante even more. If his readers donate $5,000 to Prostate Cancer Foundation by September 19, the day he leaves to shoot the IDPA Nationals in South Carolina, he'll wear a kilt to the match. Video it, live blog it and endure public humiliation, even. Let's hope Caleb's readers are generous enough to make it happen.

Last year, I promised my readers that, if I won the fundraising challenge, I'd post a picture of myself in drag on the blog, and keep it up for an entire year. It took a while to find the pic, but a deal's a deal. Here I am in all my drag queen glory:

Speaking of embarassing, reader Ross pledged a $100 donation if I'd pose in a Star Trek redshirt and kilt. Well Ross, better limber up the Visa card, because the nice folks at ThinkGeek sent me an email that the shirt has been shipped.

If anybody wants to chip in with Ross, if the donations in the name of Star Trek reach $250, I'll photoshop a pic of myself into a landing team photo for you.

Reader Jen challenged me to lose weight in return for a donation, and a fellow reader agreed to match her, up to $100. For every pound I lose between now and September 30, they'll donate $1 each. For every five pounds, they'll tack on an extra $5, up to $100 each. If I'm still down 100 pounds a year from now, they'll kick off Kilted to Kick Cancer 2013 with a $100 donation each.

Sooooo, witness the resurrection of the weight loss tracker on my left sidebar. Y'all wish me luck.

My buddy Stingray at Atomic Nerds pledged to live blog his prostate exam if he won the fundraising challenge. He had good reason to – his Dad fought, and beat, prostate cancer. This year, he's asking for $500 in donations, and he'll draw no lines at humiliating himself for a good cause. For those of you who thought he couldn't top dressing as Lord Humongous for Blogorado last year, here's your chance to see just what Stingray is capable of.

And last but not least, here's one for you gun bloggers and fellow gun nuts. Jay G., Caleb Giddings and myself are willing to pull out all the stops at humiliation for a good cause. If we each get $500 in donations from "Charlie's Angels," we'll pose in our kilts for a Charlie's Angels pic, to live in infamy forever on the Internet.

Except, instead of Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn, it'll be three ugly guys in kilts.


All you gotta do to make it happen is donate to PCF, under the name "Charlie's Angels," to either Jay, Caleb or myself. Don't donate "in honor of" because for some reason the donation site doesn't track that reliably. Put the donation FROM "Charlie's Angels" and when we each reach $500 in Charlie's Angels donations to PCF, we'll put up the pic.

Where else are you gonna see Jay G. doing the full Sabrina with the Snubby From Hell… wearing a kilt? Or Caleb Giddings doing his best karate chop pose… or me in a Farrah Fawcett wig, barking urgently into the radio?

It can happen… if you donate enough.

Get kilted, and get checked!