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They Laughed, They Cried, They Applauded…

… they held their lighters aloft and swayed rhythmically.

Men bought me drinks, women threw their panties at my lectern.

You know, the usual.

Seriously though, nice folks at the Pyramid EMS Conference. I enjoyed my 22 hours in Maryland.

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  • Kenneth Reed

    Hope you had a chance to get some crabs while you were there.

  • Auntie J

    AD, your sense of humility is the thing I love most about you.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      I try to stay the humble and self-effacing EMS rock star my
      Momma raised. ;)

  • Ashely

    I did not throw my panties at you. I am however still wondering about the bodies hit the floor and CPR jiving together well. Forgive me for asking a week later but I was still disgruntled about being roped into going and had not had enough coffee to compute anything other than basic bodily functions

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Come to think if it, Ashely, those might have been men’s underwear.

      Soiled ones.

      I’ve been known to misinterpret audience feedback.

      • Ashely

        Well now you just let the whole world know that I had stolen my captains underwear just to have a souvenir to throw at you. It’s customary in southern maryland we are a bit weird down here