There Are No Words

My heart is leaden with grief for the innocent children and teachers slain at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the families of the lost.

Hug your children and guard them well, people. The world does come with warning signs that say “Here there be monsters.”

Tonight, KatyBeth has her first sleepover, and I will have three squealing 10-year-old girls underfoot.

I am never so happy to not have cable television as I am right now. The day will come soon when KatyBeth has to learn of this tragedy and what it means, but today is not that day.

Today, I am going to watch three little girls be little girls, and try not to let my fear and paranoia show on my face.

But you can bet I’ll be watching everyone else, too.

No editorializing in the comments, please. Not today.

  • Ron “ErtlGuy” King

    AD, For your mental sanity, I am glad the sleep-over is happening at your place … instead of KB going somewhere else. – Ever Watchful!

  • Anne0091

    A girlfriend from school has a child at that school. Thankfully he is safe but his innocence is shattered as she now has the unfathomable duty to help him feel safe and explain why his friends didn’t all get out. I will be keeping the whole community on my prayers. They are all victims in this.

  • Barron Barnett

    AD, all I can say is perfect execution. Let them be kids, one day they wont be able to anymore, but it does not benefit them now.

  • John TXGunGeek Kochan

    AD, it’s not paranoia, it is called vigilance and you has it my friend.

  • Old_NFO

    Truly horrible… No words is right….

  • Larry L Nelson

    Yes let her stay innocent a little longer

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  • Epijunky

    Both of my little ones had very tough questions to ask before I had a chance to prepare for it. The little one in particular. I wish my kids had the innocence that I was able to have at their ages. Give KB a hug for me.

  • Sheri purvis

    Go hug your kids, grandkids i pray for them all may god wrap wrap his loving arms around them and may they rest in peace

  • Bill

    Shamelessly stolen from a comment on Tam’s blog yesterday and very appropriate for today:

    “Every year we pass the unknown anniversary. Let nothing good go unsaid.”

  • LittleRed1

    Three the year olds? You’re a braver man than I am, AD. :) Look out for sparkly nail polish.

  • crs224akameema

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother
    would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who
    are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember
    my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are
    still so many helpers so many caring people in this world.”
    – Fred Rogers

  • Rommie Duckworth

    Thank you KG.

  • Robert Fowler

    Our children are grown and now we have the grandkids around. 9, 8 and 6 and all in the same building at school. The Mrs, and I have discussed this since Friday We worry, yet what can we really do? They live in a small town, but then Newtown was considered a small safe town. The grief can be overwhelming at times. Enjoy your little one and her friends, You are right in that they don’t need to grow up today.

  • Snappz

    America, your grief is felt around the world.
    Tears from the other side of Earth, here in Australia we are crying for you, and thinking of you all as you try to come to terms with this horrific act.
    There really are no words to describe the sadness, the grief, the despair.

  • Suzi Bernert

    It is so awful that our children have to learn these horrors. When my kids were growing up, I did not tell them what I saw at work. Eventually they came to know what I saw through other means, but I only answered their questions, did not add details. Some would say I was overprotective, but I wanted them to have their childhood as long as possible. Too many children lose them too soon. Good job Kelly!

  • firedigger

    I’m a retired firefighter and sit on the board of directors of the local fire protection district. I worry every day about how our (my) firefighters and paramedics are dealing with the things they have to deal with. Please, keep the cops, firefighters, paramedics, coroners and all who had to confront this tragedy in your thoughts when you’re praying.

  • David

    I know, that as each day progresses, there will be so many heartfelt thoughts and prayers posted here and elsewhere expressing prayers, heartfelt sadness for the innocent victims senselessly murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary… as it should be.

    With all of that said and the appropriate attention given to these victims and their families, there is yet another group that is suffering beyond belief. That would be the first responders. The police, deputies, firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, and Dispatchers are all in operational mode and right now they are doing their work. Most will never let others see it but, when they go home tonight to their families and friends, they will carry the unfathomable vision of these poor innocent children and those adults who tried to protect them, lying there.

    Lying motionless with vacant sight, where only a few minutes ago they were singing, learning their ABC’s and drawing pictures. These responders will see their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and think “that could have been one of mine”. They probably won’t say anything to anyone, but a piece of them died today as they processed this scene and the carnage of innocents. My heart aches for them too and I feel for each and every one of them. As a member of the law enforcement and EMS family for over 30
    years. In the days that are following, they will be called hero’s and you may do so as well, but most importantly they are humans, they will cry and feel despair and ask to carry on…will they?

    What will you each do for them?

  • Kelly

    Bless everyone of you for “just showing up”. Can’t imagine what this has done but as a nurse, I know YA’LL MADE A DIFFERENCE!! Hugs and prayers for ya’ll…..

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