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Charades: The Emergency Department Edition

Coming into one of the local Emergency Departments a few minutes ago:

Triage Nurse:: [raises eyebrows questioningly]

Ambulance Driver: [clutches chest dramatically, indicating a patient with chest pain]

TN: [cocks one eyebrow skeptically, indicating disbelief that our 22-year-old patient is actually suffering from an acute coronary syndrome]

AD: [makes drinking motion with one hand, followed by back of hand to forehead theatrically, indicating a drunk female patient with Status Dramaticus]

TN: [peers musingly at status board, presumably looking for available beds]

AD: [clears throat, then looks significantly at a nearly empty ED, as if to say, “Dude, really?”]

TN: [sighs in resignation, then points in general direction of cardiac telemetry beds]

AD: [raises eyebrows questioningly]

TN: [growls and points more emphatically]

AD: [turns and scans the row of available beds, then looks at Triage Nurse questioningly, as if to say, “Which one?”]

TN: [shrugs diffidently, as if to say, “Pick one.”]

AD: [smiling innocently, but not moving, because I can’t resist twisting Triage Nurse’s tail every now and then]

TN: [gesturing forcefully toward the first bed in the row]

AD: [striking my best Saturday Night Fever pose]

TN: [gesticulating frantically like a flight deck controller fighting a lightsaber duel with an invisible Darth Vader]

AD: [doing the YMCA]


AD: “You know what’s wrong with you people? No sense of whimsy, that’s what.”

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  • Arthur Welling

    LOLOLOLOL… splurting coffee LOLOLOLOL

  • BobF

    Somehow, maybe just because I’ve been up all night again, the mental image of you in a “Saturday Night Fever pose” just , well, it just, oh, never mind.
    Just please, oh, please, don’t tell me you did a Fonzie mirror prep on the way out. Please? :-)

  • BGMiller

    One of these days they are going to wheel you in ON the stretcher (shortly after we first read of Psycho Partner no doubt) and as you flutter on the edge of consciousness you are going to hear Triage Nurse’s voice…

    “Oh, hang on a second…. I know I’ve got a Sharpie here somewhere….”

  • Scott Kenny

    So glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this, you need to put ‘Beverage alert’ warnings on stuff like this!