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Overheard On The Bolance

AD (reading directly from dispatch notes on our data terminal): “Patient is a 34-year-old female who swallowed a handful of Flintstones vitamins, and now feels as if some of them are stuck in her throat.”

Partner: “How ironic it would be to choke to death on vitamins…”

AD (continuing): “Patient states she is no longer choking but her throat is still scratchy.”

Partner: “… and why is a woman her age eating Flintstones vitamins? Why not One-A-Day, or Centrum?”

AD (sagely): “I’ll bet it was a Dino. You know, the long tail. Gets hung up.”

Partner: “And why call an ambulance for it, fer Chrissakes?”

AD: “Ours not to reason why, son. Ours to simply head that way, and don’t spare the horses. A life hangs in the balance.”

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  • Robert Evans

    Dude, they’re chewable. Taste just like SweetTarts. Why’d she swallow ‘em?

  • 40lizard

    Hahahahaha! why didn’t dispatch advise her to eat some ice cream! lol! problem solved!

  • Amy Lynn Kaplan

    Gummy vitamin OD= suicide attempt fail.

  • Old_NFO

    Frequent flyer again???

  • John Dalco

    Off to foil Darwin again I see. . . . When that day finally comes and you enter the pearly gates I think Darwin will be waiting for you to hear your excuse for foiling his work over and over. . . . . = )

    • mpatk

      Darwin talking to a paramedic; I imagine that’ll be one hell of a rant…