Calling All Parents of Special Needs Children

I'm putting together a new conference presentation on Children With Special Healthcare Needs, and I figured I'd do a little crowdsourcing to get the parents' perspective on EMS care for their children.

Specificially, what I'd like to know is:

  1. What is your child's medical history?
  2. What, in your view, are your biggest concerns for providing EMS care for your child? What do the medics do that you wish they wouldn't? What do you wish they would do that they don't?
  3. What suggestions would you offer for paramedics when interacting with you as parents, and assessing and caring for your child?
  4. For you parents of children that have one of the autism spectrum disorders, or some other neurosensory processing disorder, what special techniques and tips would you suggest for treating your child?

Please chime in with your comments. I think the parents' input can add a lot to my presentation.