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Just ran a call for a car overturned in a ditch.

And by “ditch,” I mean “gully.”

Or maybe “ravine” would be better. If we were further west, we’d call it an “arroyo.”

You know, smaller than a canyon, but deeper than a trench. Deep enough that extricating someone from it would require specialized equipment and additional personnel.

In other words, not a road. Not in any way, shape or form a path by which one would drive a car.


But this goober took it anyway, because his GPS told him to.

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  • rd

    A GPS box is smarter than some people.

  • rd

    The sad part is these vacant people live, breathe, breed, and vote.
    But if no innocents get hurt, their lives can be some good comedy.

  • GHS

    The Mrs and I were driving from NOLA to Deep in the Heart of Dixie along some roads with which you are probably familiar. She commented on the size of the drainage ditches. Many of them were more than 10 feet deep and about the same width at the top. I guess that’s why you guys are always talking about VEEhicles being overturned in ditches.