Minions, It Is Time To Mobilize!

Okay guys, here’s the deal. I’m trying to help an EMS advocacy group get off the ground. They aim to raise awareness and provide education and peer support strategies for EMS people who suffer from mental illness, particularly depression and PTSD. They, like myself, are tired of constantly reading of our EMS brethren taking their lives when the pressures they face on the job become too much to bear.

They need a web page. More specifically, they need a webpage designer. They’ll pay for DNS registration and hosting, but as yet they are a grassroots organization with zero funding. They need someone with mad webmaster skills who would be willing to devote a little of his/her time and effort to a very worthy cause.

This is important to me, guys. If you can help in some way, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the people who need your services.

Also, if any of my medical readers know of a psychiatrist/psychologist or mental health professional who would be willing to vet the educational materials (when developed) and the reporting documents, we’d love to have you.

So, onward blog army! Go forth and make it happen!