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Make With The Clicky, Or The Podcast Gets It

Okay, EMS folks. I need your support. Chris Cebollero and I have been doing a podcast for the past seven weeks, and it has a great deal of potential. Our listener base has been slowly growing, but we need to break 1000 weekly listeners for this to be a sustainable thing. We’re about 250 regular listeners from that goal now. I know you’re out there, because we had oodles of listeners for Confessions of an EMS Newbie.

It’s called Inside EMS, and in it Chris and I discuss the EMS news of the past week, fight discuss debate a clinical issue, and we grill an unsuspecting guest every week in the Guest Table segment.

This week, Chris and I talk about how we do EMS Week ass-backwards every year, how a simple nasal cannula can keep an apneic patient’s spO2 at 98% or better for 100 minutes, and at the Guest Table we get a fresh perspective on EMS in the United States from Rob Lawrence, a limey medic who crossed the pond to run the Richmond Ambulance Authority right here in ‘Murrica.

Listen to this week’s episode here.

Future episodes will include a lot of spirited debate on EMS issues, like ALS vs BLS, vollie vs paid, air vs ground, refusals, and the like. We’ll be playing devil’s advocate a lot to keep the debate from becoming an echo chamber, and we’ll strive to leave no sacred cow unslaughtered, and no one’s pet ox ungored.

We just need y’all to tune in. And in the comments section for every show segment, tell us what you would like us to discuss, and if you’ve got ideas for guests, send ‘em to us!

So, make with the downloading, or the podcast gets it!

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  • OrdoPM

    Is the sheriff near?

  • Jake Lindauer

    Been so busy lately I’ve missed the last two episodes. I’ll try to get on this weekend for you guys. It’s a great show!

  • R

    Are you going to get it a real RSS feed anytime soon? I really don’t like being forced to use Sound Cloud and can’t use Cloud Flipper if they mix it in with all of EMS1’s other audio content.

    • Ambulance_Driver

      We’ve been telling EMS1 it needs an RSS feed since the beginning. I think they’re starting to listen.
      Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Transport Jockey

    I’ll be listening to it. But a real RSS feed for my Android podcast app would be amazind.

  • Kylicus

    Can’t find it on I tunes…not sure if I can download it to iPod with soundcloud as I listen to all my podcasts offline. Plus I am not a big fan of soundcloud…

  • mr618

    The sheriff is a n*CLANG*