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Yeah, About That “Experience” Thing…

Direct quote from an experienced EMS educator from a nationally respected paramedic education program:

“He will be a good
medic if he can forget the crap he learned during his 12 years as an EMT
in a [unnamed Eastern Seaboard state] service.”

From the comments in this post and the podcast page and related Facebook threads, seems a great many EMS folks think experience as an EMT is a must-have for paramedic school.

Everyone, that is, except the experienced EMS educators responsible for turning out capable, well-rounded EMTs, and turning other EMTs into medics. That number includes a bunch of nationally respected EMS educators and textbook authors.

Most of them are on my side, which understands that not all street experience is beneficial, and is most often a handicap in paramedic school, not a help.

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  • Old_NFO

    Some experience is good, a LOT is bad… Arguments with instructors is never a good thing, nor is the “Well, that’s NOT the way we did it meme.”

  • ThatOneEMT

    In the podcast you mentioned the intensive medic program, what are your feelings on the 15 week programs now? I’m planning on enrolling at the U of Iowa’s program. Thoughts?

  • Peter B

    That old thing: Was that ten years of experience, or one year of experience ten times?