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Thank You, Kearney, You’ve Been A Wunnerful Audience!

Thank yew, thank yew verra mush…

Headed out for my flight home from the Nebraska Statewide EMS Conference. Sadly, both the Hornady ammunition plant and Cabela’s flagship store are just minutes away, but I don’t have time to visit either.

Great conference, great people, had a wonderful time. Kudos to the planning committee and staff, and everyone who attended. You’re the kind of people who make me proud to be in EMS.

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  • Old_NFO

    Travel safe, and look on the bright side, you didn’t spend any money… :-)

  • AllenF

    If it helps, the Cabela’s falgship store is several hours to the west in Sidney. Kearney simply has a store, and a very mundane one at that. More of an outlet than a Cabela’s. You’d have been better off using the flight delay to hit up the store in the Omaha ‘burbs.