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For You EMS Types

There’s a new episode of Inside EMS, brought to you by the incredibly sexy minds of Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson. This week we talk about the latest EMS news, the coming demise of routine spinal immobilization, and Kelly interviews Chris on leadership styles. Give us a listen, and Bill Gates will give you a […]

No, But It’s Past Due For Overhaul

A JEMS article on the Austin-Travis County EMS System asks is Austin’s EMS system broken? Honestly, ATCEMS hasn’t been anywhere near as good as its press clippings for at least ten years. See: laurels, resting on. The article concludes: “Using the ICMA six signs as a diagnostic, one could conclude the Austin-Travis County EMS system […]

On Pissing Contests and Patient Advocacy

I follow a few EMS forums on various social media sites, but lately I've been commenting less frequently because the signal-to-noise ratio leaves me in despair of the future of our profession. I have to wade through far too many comments from adrenaline junkies, protocol monkeys, booger-eating cretins and fervent disciples of EMS mythology to […]

These Are Your Protocols? How… Quaint.

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In the recent mass stabbing at Lone Star College in Harris County, TX, fourteen people were transported to local hospitals by EMS. A blog reader pointed me to the story on the event, and the associated photo gallery. There are a couple of video clips, as well. You EMS folks, go look at the […]


While the IT geeks may call it Scaleable Model Architecture for CSS, Dave Statter refers to it as Social Media-Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome. And I gotta tell ya, there are  lot of EMS folks on the Internet who, if not actively trying to commit career suicide, are definitely sending out cries for help. There was […]

On EMS Treatment Protocols

Protocols are intended to be an organized framework for delivering care. Written well, they are a floor, ensuring that even the least competent medic in your system delivers the same basic care as your best medic. Written poorly, they are a ceiling, forcing the best medic in your system to render care on a par […]

The Parable of the Five Monkeys

An excellent explanation as to why bad ideas and outdated concepts persist in EMS organizational culture.

A Rare Dip Into Association Politics

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I don’t do this often, so listen up. Here are my endorsements for the upcoming NAEMT elections:

This Weekend’s Homework Assignment

For many years, fire departments (many, but not all), have had their capabilities rated by the Insurance Services Office. These ratings, formally referred to as Public Protection Classifications,  graded fire departments on a set of standardized benchmarks on such things as response times, coverage area size, water pressure, number of hydrants, etc., as well as […]

EMS Crew Fatigue in New South Wales

I find it fascinating to chat with EMS colleagues around the globe. It’s an eye-opening experience, seeing how other countries approach the provision of Emergency Medical Services; who does it better, who does it worse, who has practices we’d do well to emulate, who could learn a few lessons from the American model. One of […]

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