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In Defense of The Borg

May 19 will be my sixth anniversary as a Borg drone here at Southwest Hive. I’m still not fully assimilated. Likely never will be. I jokingly call my employer The Borg because of their tendency to gobble up smaller ambulance services on the fringes of their territory, relentlessly expanding their empire, like, well, The Borg. […]

Attention All Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island EMTs!

I'm coming to your neck of the woods this weekend, speaking at ERM's Third Annual Winter Seminar in Portland, CT on Saturday, December 14. They've still got a few seats available, and you can get 7 hours of EMS continuing education, lunch and snacks for only $45. Call the folks at Emergency Resource Management at […]

Hey, All You Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts EMTs!

Emergency Resource Management is conducting its 3rd Annual Winter Seminar on Saturday, December 14 in Portland, CT. I'll be doing EMS Mythbusters and Thoracic Trauma lectures, and Chief Jon Politis will be doing a couple of lectures as well. This is likely your last chance to get CEU credit in 2013, and the seminar has […]

Philosophical EMS Observation #3,476

EMS volunteer squads are like a battered wife, covered in bruises and scared of her own shadow, stuck in an abusive relationship with Small Town America.* Because, if you ever suggest that perhaps their town could and should pay them for their services, but never will as long as they're willing to provide them for […]

No, But It’s Past Due For Overhaul

A JEMS article on the Austin-Travis County EMS System asks is Austin’s EMS system broken? Honestly, ATCEMS hasn’t been anywhere near as good as its press clippings for at least ten years. See: laurels, resting on. The article concludes: “Using the ICMA six signs as a diagnostic, one could conclude the Austin-Travis County EMS system […]

Calling All Parents of Special Needs Children

I'm putting together a new conference presentation on Children With Special Healthcare Needs, and I figured I'd do a little crowdsourcing to get the parents' perspective on EMS care for their children. Specificially, what I'd like to know is: What is your child's medical history? What, in your view, are your biggest concerns for providing […]

For You EMS Types…

… Gene Gandy and I have a new article in EMS World Magazine. Gotta give props to Gene, who did most of the heavy lifting in this one. Gene Gandy and Ambulance Driver, deconstructing EMS one myth at a time…

For You EMS Types…

There's a new column up on EMS1. The Stand-Back, Big-Picture, Non-Interventional Paramedic. Enjoy.

On EMS Treatment Protocols

Protocols are intended to be an organized framework for delivering care. Written well, they are a floor, ensuring that even the least competent medic in your system delivers the same basic care as your best medic. Written poorly, they are a ceiling, forcing the best medic in your system to render care on a par […]

For You EMS Types…

… I have a new article in EMS World Magazine. Fatal Mistakes in Prehospital Medicine.   Enjoy.

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