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Demystifying Diagnosis

Want to start a fight in an EMS social media forum? Just ask if EMTs diagnose. Invariably, you'll get hordes of people shitting their pants over a simple word, and twisting the English language into something unrecognizable in an effort to avoid calling something what it really is. General impression. Field diagnosis. Presumptive diagnosis. Field […]

A Solution in Search of a Problem?

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In, we read about Lee County, FL adopting a cool new piece of spinal immobilization equipment: With the field trial complete, the team gained the approval from the Lee County Protocol Committee in February 2013. In March 2013, the Lee County Medical Care Council unanimously approved the “XCollar and Discriminate Spinal Immobilization Guideline.” (See […]

Hey, All You Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts EMTs!

Emergency Resource Management is conducting its 3rd Annual Winter Seminar on Saturday, December 14 in Portland, CT. I'll be doing EMS Mythbusters and Thoracic Trauma lectures, and Chief Jon Politis will be doing a couple of lectures as well. This is likely your last chance to get CEU credit in 2013, and the seminar has […]

Philosophical EMS Observation #3,476

EMS volunteer squads are like a battered wife, covered in bruises and scared of her own shadow, stuck in an abusive relationship with Small Town America.* Because, if you ever suggest that perhaps their town could and should pay them for their services, but never will as long as they're willing to provide them for […]

For You Disciples of Spinal Immobilization…

… Bryan Bledsoe debunks your religion in the August issue of EMS World Magazine. And in that same issue, I take a dump on your altar. Our karma ran over your dogma.

For You EMS Types…

… Gene Gandy and I have a new article in EMS World Magazine. Gotta give props to Gene, who did most of the heavy lifting in this one. Gene Gandy and Ambulance Driver, deconstructing EMS one myth at a time…

The By Gosh and By Gum Club

When I trained retrievers professionally, I used to get a steady stream of business from members of the By Gosh and By Gum Club, whose club motto went something like, “By gosh, it seemed like a good ideer, so by gum, that’s the way I done it.” They were the guys who thought the way […]

For You EMS Types, a Teaser for 2013

My writing partner Gene Gandy and I are planning a new series of monthly articles in EMS World Magazine. Each month, Gene and I are going to take on a particular piece of EMS dogma, myth or obsolete clinical practice, and subject it to the withering scrutiny of current research. We're still working on the […]

Heretic! Burn The Witch!

Here on the blog and in various other EMS forums, I frequently challenge conventional wisdom on the care we provide. Other bloggers, like Rogue Medic, do it better, and more extensively. And in the responses to most of those missives, invariably there are a few who indignantly splutter, "B-b-but, that's not the way we learned […]

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