Reciprocity in Blog-Whoring

Checked out Speaker Tweaker over at his blog, and he has a nice peaen to John Moses Browning, one of my favorite Murkins.

Also, El Capitan has a nice post over at Baboon Pirates on his fevered pursuit of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile through the neighborhood. Somehow, I keep getting the mental image of this guy shouting, “Franks and beans! Franks and beans!”

I check out Baby Medic’s site from time to time, just to see how he’s progressing as a medic. Turns out he probably walked right past me a few times at the JEMS Conference. Anyhoo, I see that he has linked me, so I’m reciprocating the linky love. Check out the ambulance pic on his blog and you’ll see he’s been having a little fun in the snow.

And last but not least, Morpheus has linked me as well. Back atcha, Morpheus. Y’all check out the Star Wars parody he found on YouTube.