Somebody call her a Wambulance…

Waaaa….Tam’s getting older. Let’s see, she’s got looks, brains, an extensive library, her very own arsenal, and the admiration of a gazillion fans on the web. The only thing that keeps her from getting more marriage proposals is the fact that she has yet to mention her liquor store, bass boat and hunting lease.

But hey, I’m willing to compromise. I’ll even subordinate my own capacious ego and consent to being Mister Tam.

But it’s nice to see that one gray hair can induce a case of Vanity Panic in the Gun Goddess. Makes her all accessible and human, like. Maybe even warm and fuzzy.

Naaahhhh. She’s still a Valkyrie.

Meanwhile, my own age keeps creeping onward. There is an increasing amount of salt around the temples, my knees creak, there’s enough hair on my back to weave an Indian blanket, and last week I sat in the tub and my nuts floated to the top. I am becoming my father.

I want to look like this guy again, and it doesn’t seem so long ago:

*sigh* I’m still 25 at heart, though.

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