On Courtesy…

I’ve been lucky in that I get precious few trolls here on my blog. As long as I’m not ranting about fibromyalgia or nursing homes, I don’t get many negative comments.

I run a reciprocal blogroll on my sidebar, as a courtesy to readers who were nice enough to link me on their blogs. Most of them I follow in my bloglines feeds, but keeping up with all of them is an impossible task.

There are a few of them which hold fundamentally different views than I.

Sometimes we vehemently disagree. They stay linked anyway, because even though we may have different perspectives, they remain courteous, and I try to do the same.

Somehow, I linked a worthless prick on my blogroll, someone so bitter and jealous of anyone else’s good fortune, that he can’t resist the urge to pick a fight with me by insulting someone I care about.

Well, that ends today. Courtesy offered only lasts as far as courtesy returned. Said worthless prick is deleted from the reciprocal blogroll as of today.

Go seek professional help, Worthless. You need it.

Otherwise your alligator mouth might overload your hummingbird ass.

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