The Blogrolls, They Are A Changin’…

I have moved some folks from the Blogs I Read Every Day down to the Reciprocal Blogroll, not because I don’t still think they’re all that and a bag of pretzels too, but because life, jobs and other assorted reasons preclude their posting frequently.

Likewise, some of the names on the reciprocal blogroll are blogs I read every day, thus deserving of recognition for the hours of wasted productivity enjoyment they bring me.

Those blogs have moved up the heirarchy, so to speak, and I urge you to give ’em a read.

Y’all welcome Medic March, Murphy, Farmgirl, Say Uncle, and Squeaky Wheel to the party.

Dey izz da shiznit, yo.

On another note, if you have noted the dearth of quality posts from Yours Truly in the past week or so, my apologies. A few pressing deadlines for paying projects have taken up the vast majority of my writing time of late, but I shall return to supplying the blogosphere with a steady diet of toilet humor and silliness within the next few days.

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