When you decide to go squirrel/hog hunting in an area unfamiliar to you, it behooves you to a) bring your friggin’ compass like you do every other time you go into the woods, b) watch the weather reports for predicted thunderstorms, and c) bring the skeeter repellent into the woods with you, in the event that the torrential downpour washes off all that lovely DEET.

Because if you don’t, you may find yourself imitating a certain Ambulance Driver, who walked his soggy ass an untold number of miles today until he could find a logging trail that lead to somewhere, and who was so thoroughly lost that we he finally did hit a dirt road, he walked another couple of miles in the opposite direction of his truck. When he finally gave up and turned around, he discovered his truck parked around the bend only 300 yards from where he popped out of the woods.


Killed a few limb rodents, saw some fresh hog sign but no hogs, and saw plenty of mosquitoes big enough to shoot. I resisted the urge, though. I needed a .375 H&H for these skeeters, not a little .17 HMR.

And to the logging truck driver who passed me trudging down a muddy road in the middle of a monsoon, and didn’t even slow down?

I hope I meet you again, buddy. I really do.

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