Verbatim* Conversation With A Six-Year-Old This Morning

AD (pulling his daughter’s shirt over her head): “So, Stinkerbell, who are we pretending to be this morning – Cinderella? Hammy? Queen Narissa?”

KatyBeth: “No, Daddy! You’re Gibbs, and I’m – “

AD (confused): “Wait a minute, who is Gibbs?”

KatyBeth (rolling her eyes in exasperation): “You know…Agent Gibbs? From NCIS?”

AD (skeptically) : “Oh, that Agent Gibbs. You think I’m handsome enough to sub for Mark Harmon, honey?”

KatyBeth (firmly): “You’re more handsome than he is.”

AD: “Uh huh. I appreciate the compliment, Stinkerbell. And who are you – the cute Goth chick that’s so perky? What’s her name again?”

KatyBeth (sighing dramatically):No, Daddy, not her. I’m rather apprehensive about telling you…”

AD: “Did you just say ‘rather apprehensive’?”

KatyBeth: “It means nervous, Daddy.”

AD:I know what it means. I just didn’t think you knew what it means.”

KatyBeth: “I’m apprehensive about telling you, because I’m…Dr. House.”

AD (guffawing):Dr. House? Yeah, I can see that. Both of you are smartasses who walk with a limp!”

KatyBeth:Ooooh, snap! Good one, Daddy!”

*Pretty much. Her parts were verbatim, while mine were embellished to make myself seem wittier. Don’t know how I feel about having my six-year-old hooked on NCIS and House, MD, though. Between that and her fascination with Smilin’ Bob of the Enzyte commercails, I may have to start using the V-chip on her television.