Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets

  • You're too old when you see a hottie in her hoochie mama outfit, and your first instinct is to tell her it's too cold to show off her ass. #
  • Say, That’s A Cunning Hat!:
    Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he’s not afraid.. #
  • My feet yearn to be FREE, dammit! #
  • When I'm famous enough to check into motels under pseudonyms… the maids will be forbidden to tuck in the bedcovers at the foot of the bed. #
  • He’s Right…: I have said exactly those words. #
  • On My Way Home, Folks…: … and frankly, I’m too pooped to post. In about thirty seconds, I&#82.. #
  • Killed an 8 point buck at Blogorado. Killed it with my truck, but hey, it's the result that counts, right? #
  • Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets:
    Automatic weapons and pistols and .50 caliber sniper rifles, oh my! #.. #

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