Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets

  • Currently coated with an inch of global warming, and the Cajuns are begging Al Gore, "Neaux meaux sneaux!" #
  • It's snowing outside, in south Louisiana. I checked the sports pages, and… yep, sure enough, the Saints are 11-0. That proves the theorem. #
  • Just discovered that there is such a thing as "eel porn." That's the end of the internet, folks. Nothing more to see here, move along… #
  • EMS Terminology Of The Week: Incarceritis: [in-kahr-suh-reyt-is] – noun medical condition induced by the threat.. #
  • Firefighter Hazmat vs Cop Hazmat: Firefighters use the “Rule of Thumb,” in which they stage upwind .. #
  • I'm thinking I need a classy motto, perhaps something in Latin. And that motto shall be… "Carpe scrotum." #
  • Indeed.: FIX BAYONETS!
    Hat tip to The Smallest Minority. #
  • When my legion of flying monkeys completes my quest for world domination, SSM will be outlawed, and all the medics will get free Slurpees! #
  • Fifteen minutes, seven post changes. Apparently it's a goldfish dispatcher on the console. Wait, what am I saying? They're ALL goldfish!! #
  • For You EMS Types…: <i>"I've already called my doctor. He's going to meet us at the.. #
  • Eating roadkill deer tenderloin. This is what being at the top of the food chain is like, bitches! #
  • The Press Ganey Protection Racket: The docs over at M.D.O.D. give us a view of the asshattery that is JCAHO and.. #
  • Random Musings From An Ex Dog Trainer: You teach a hound when to hunt.
    You teach a pointer how to hunt.
    You tea.. #
  • Dear Chris Matthews…: … get off my side.
    Seriously, “enemy camp?” WTF?!?
    I’m no f.. #
  • Heh. He knows me too well. #
  • Product Review: Magnum Elite Force 8.0 WPI Boots: Are they waterproof?

    We’re about to find out.
    They&#82.. #

  • Seen on Facebook: Superman wears Drew Brees pajamas! #
  • Saints beat the mostly like AFC Super Bowl contender like they stole something. Who dat, beeyotches?? #
  • You know what I'd like to do with Paris Hilton? I'd like to tie her down to the bed… and feed that girl a sammich! #
  • Having a serious man crush on my boy Drew Brees. If I were gay, I'd boil his jock strap and drink the broth. Geaux Saints! #
  • Thinking that if I tied KatyBeth's arms to her side, she'd be mute. Definitely got that from her mother. #
  • Just interviewed by Slate Magazine on the Tiger Woods wreck. Do a press con, Tiger. Wolves are already circling, dude! #
  • Something I Didn’t Know: Apparently, those of you who who are debating with Nurse K. over in this post ar.. #
  • Blogroll Maintenance: Alas, Boob, Injuries and Dr. Pepper and Voodoo Medicine Man are no more.
    Pity. #
  • Also in favor of beating certain ER nurses who view disagreeing viewpoints as "ignorant." But that much fun is probably illegal, too. *sigh* #
  • Once again reminded that so-called "high performance" EMS systems use paramedics for fuel. #
  • Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets:
    Funny As Hell…: … but it would be even funnier if I had n.. #

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