Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets

  • *Sigh*: Lately, seems like everybody I know is dead.
    A month or so back, I got a Facebook friend request from the … #
  • Thinking of starting my own one-man play, ala "The Vagina Monologues." Working title: The Penis Soliloquy. #
  • As Usual, The Truth Is Somewhere Between The Extremes: Most of the EMS internet forums have been abuzz lately with… #
  • I need to patent a hand-held nebulizer with a cigarette port, perfect for the COPDer too short of breath to smoke. I'd make a fortune! #
  • It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…: … mid 90’s Mercury sedan equipped with nine video screens!

    Yes, you read tha… #

  • Dear Dispatch Drone,: I realize that it has been so long since your assimilation into the Collective that you have… #
  • RIP, Frankenhoopty: 2000-2010: Sure was a good truck. The search for Frankenhoopty II continues…
    Sorry no blog pos… #
  • A Triage Nurse Not To Be Trifled With: Got this e-mail from a good friend who is a nurse in a major metropolitan E… #
  • Long, Cold Day: Spent the day on my motorcycle, tooling around from one auto dealership to the next, looking for a… #
  • Going truck shopping today. On a motorcycle. In 50 degree weather. With poor credit. Something tells me I'd better bring a tube of KY. #
  • We are now 1.5 hours into Lent, and still dealing with drunks. Call me cynical, but I don't think these folks are devout Catholics… #
  • It's Fat Tuesday, and my trauma shears are glowing pale blue. Sumdood is on the prowl. Either that or fibromylagia orcs. Whichever. #
  • I think I'm working in one of Napolean's original ambulances. Somebody scratched "D.J. Larrey wuz here" on the wall behind the suction unit. #
  • Feelings… whoa whoa whoa feeeeellliiinngs… I'm taking requests, people! #
  • Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets: Eff. Em. Ell.: Driving KatyBeth home from the Ex Wife’s house last night, I tot… #

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