Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets

  • Northeast Bloggershoot AAR, With Pics!: Now that I’m home and the whirlwind of activity is over, I have time to po… #
  • And The Winner Is…: … the Silver Bullet.
    Rather than put up a poll, I let KatyBeth read the suggestions, and she e… #
  • Heading home after EMS Today. Check the blog for the after action report later today! #
  • Tired.: No blog for you tonight. You come back inna morning, maybe we have blog for you then.
    Like when I’m not ex… #
  • Came all the way to Baltimore craving crab cakes, only to discover they're getting their crabs less than an hour from my house. #
  • Just met @Happymedic and @999medic at EMS Today. Rakishly handsome and charming men, both of 'em. I swooned. 😉 #
  • A Picture Worth A Thousand Words: The FEMA booth at EMS Today:

    In fairness to FEMA, I’m sure that wall isn’t gonn… #

  • Signing a few copies of my original book at booth 1606 at EMS Today. Stop by! #
  • Beer and cigars with TOTWTYTR tonight, and both of us at EMS Today tomorrow. See y'all there! #
  • On The Road Again…: … headed to EMS Today with TOTWTYTR, following a great day of recoil therapy courtesy of Jay G… #
  • On my way to EMS Today with TOTWTYTR, after some much needed recoil therapy yesterday! #
  • Oooooh, BURN!: Overheard at the Northeast Bloggershoot.
    Jay G: “Seriously, there’s  a warning label you’re suppose… #
  • A Bleg For a Good Cause…: … and no, it’s not for me. You guys have helped me out quite enough already.
    Fellow blog… #
  • To the fat, sweaty TSA screener at Lafayette airport: no one does a body cavity search like you, Hilda. Thanks for being gentle. #
  • Observations From The Bolance: Discovered tonight on a seizure call:

    The map tracking on our computer system does… #

  • Ambulance Driver’s Aimless Tweets: There's a personal injury lawyer here that bills himself as the "tough, smart l… #