A Twofer

I live in an old house. And like any old house, it’s drafty, and full of various nooks and crannies that allow critters to get inside.

The rats stayed in the barn out back, and over the past three years, I’ve managed to decimate their population with the aid of a flashlight and a .22 loaded with ratshot.

The mice, however, still tend to get into the house occasionally, and whenever I notice the telltale signs of their presence, I set out more glue traps in all the usual places. Last night, a mouse shot out from under the wall furnace, rocketed under the bed, and got stuck to the glue trap along the baseboard.

I thought it a little odd that he’d just zip across an open floor like that, almost like he’d been frightened out of hiding. This morning, I checked the glue trap under the furnace and found out why:

Eighteen inch copperhead.

That’s an eighteen inch copperhead. No wonder the mouse bolted out of there.

On a side note, I finally found something that would skeeve a girl out more than a mouse caught in a trap.

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