Jackson, MS City Councilman Kenneth Stokes…

… is an idiot.

Councilman Stokes is criticizing American Medical Response for not rushing into a shooting scene last Friday without police backup. The victim, Lee Joseph Martin, waited nearly 21 minutes before police arrived to secure the scene before AMR medics could enter.

Here’s a quote from Councilman Stokes on the subject:

“You have got to take the risk. You can’t let citizens die. Because if you are wounded, you say I’m not safe. Now if you can’t assume the risk then give it to the person who can assume the risk.”

Councilman, please try not to let your mind wander. It’s much too small and frail to be out on its own. I have worked for AMR, and believe me, there are plenty of AMR policies ripe for criticism.

But this ain’t one of them.

Instead of grandstanding for your constituents and holding press conferences where you can shoot your mouth off about things you know nothing about, why not use your position to push for something that might have made a difference in this case – like more cops on the streets?

Because you know, if I were one of your constituents, I’d be monumentally pissed that it took twenty-three freakin’ minutes to get a cop to a shooting scene.

Carry your guns, Jacksonians. Remember, when seconds count, the cops are only 23 minutes away!

I wonder, Councilman Stokes, if you got your way and the city opened bids for an EMS service to replace AMR, how are you going to advertise it?

Wanted, energetic young paramedics willing to sacrifice their own personal safety on a daily basis, and able to provide expert medical care under fire. Previous combat medic experience a plus, but not required. Must be willing to work under fire for up to half an hour without police backup. Physical requirements include running, lifting, and ducking a lot. Bravery is desired, but recklessness and stupidity are better. Benefits include free funeral services, salary starts at $15/hour, body armor not included.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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