A Good Cause

Like all epic challenges, it started with a bit of smack talk.

Reader Brent Caryl, aka “Hogdogs”, also a member of the Pensacola Fishing Forums, posted his experience with Mad Dog 357 hot sauce at a local Firehouse Subs. Apparently, Brent is one of those people who can take a bite of the devil’s ass and wash it down with a big glass of Tabasco. However, it would seem that Mad Dog 357 , at 357,000 Scovile Units, was just a tetch too hot, even for him. Something about being able to lay on his stomach and shit into a martin box afterward, and wiping his ass with snow cones for the next week.

Anyway, smack talk commenced, aspersions were cast against various members’ manhood, and bets were made. Brent agreed to eat a 6-inch sub doused with this nuclear waste, and drink a swig of the stuff afterward. He has to wait five minutes before visiting the bathroom or quenching the fire with any sort of beverage. In return, several members agreed to pony up the money for a Penn 6500 reel and matching rod if he is successful. In short order, enough bets were made to cover the cost of the prize, and thus the Great Hot Sauce Challenge was born, which is to be held on December 8, 2010 at 6:00 pm, in Crestview, FL.

Here’s where it gets good, and becomes an even better cause: Since the cost of the rod and reel are already covered, and then some, all additional proceeds are to go to charity. The charity chosen by another Pensacola Fishing Forums member was that of Air Force veteran and Pensacola paramedic Jimmy Powell, currently battling colon cancer.

Aside from the physical toll of chemo, surgery and the cancer itself, the cost of fighting cancer often exceeds what insurance will pay. What with time lost from work, travel, respite care, co-pays and deductibles, Jimmie and his family still face a significant financial burden, even after insurance.

Enter Brent and his cast-iron gullet, and the other members of the Pensacola Fishing Forum.

The best part is, if Brent succeeds, he gets his rod and reel, the cost of which I just told you have already been covered. Any donation beyond that goes straight to Jimmy and his family. If Brent does not succeed, ALL proceeds, including that laid aside for the rod and reel, go to Jimmy’s family.

If you’d like to donate, here’s where you can send a check:

Jimmy Powell Relief

102 Adkinson Drive

Pensacola, FL 32506

If you’d prefer to donate via PayPal, simply click the DONATE button on my sidebar, and put “Great Hot Sauce Challenge” in the subject line. All donations between now and December 7 will be forwarded by me to the relief fund.

I’ll post a wrap-up of the Great Hot Sauce Challenge here after it’s done, along with a tally of the proceeds.

If you’re a blogger or an EMS professional, I urge you to donate and/or post a link on your own blogs. Tweet it, Facebook it, pimp it however you can.

It’s for a good cause.

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