Blogroll Additions

Time to update the Blogroll O’ Doom here at Ambulance Driver World Headquarters, home of the most hated blog name in the EMS blogsophere!

First, welcome ParaPup to the JEMS Fire/EMS Blogs team, and read her post on sexism in EMS.

Next come a few more female EMTs to add to the Bloggers I’ve Met roll; Inspiratory Drive at Cheyne Stokes Inspirations rocks the ‘bolance in Joisey, and Christie at Push To Shock is a fellow Borg drone down there in the Golden Triangle. Stop by and give ’em some comment love!

I had a chance to meet the lovely lady who writes Just My Blog at EMS Expo in Dallas. She and her husband live in the frozen north of Canada, where I devoutly hope she will take me bear hunting in return for some blog love.

There are others too numerous to mention in one blog post, so check out the Blogroll O’ Doom for the new additions!

As always, I run a reciprocal blogroll. If you have me linked, but don’t see your blog listed here, drop me a line and I’ll add you.