Homo sapiens xenophobius*

Back in October , a 21-year-old kid named Marisol Valles accepted the position of Chief of Police in the Chihuahua municipality of Praxedis G. Guerrero when no one else would take the job.

It seems that Marisol has abandoned her post and fled across the U.S. border, and seeks political asylum in the United States. She feared for her life after numerous death threats from the local drug cartels.


At the time I first read her story back in October, I thought her both incredibly brave and incredibly foolhardy. I mean, this is a town where city officials have been beheaded by the cartels, and engage in kidnapping, intimidation, and running gun battles with automatic weapons.

In other words, it ain’t Mayberry.

Yet one commenter, a xenophobic fucktard who calls himself Oswald, had this to say:

The important message here that a lot of people aren’t seeing is that she wants to be rewarded for quitting a job!

Can you imagine if all the Mexicans quit their jobs and then moved to the United States?
Oh, wait. A lot of them already have done that and now my tax dollars support them.
I have a family to take care of. I shouldn’t be required to support lazy and cowardly people!

Issues with illegal immigration aside, I think all reasonable people can see that this isn’t quite the same thing as quitting your job waitressing in the local cantina because harvesting lettuce across the border in Gringoland pays better.

So do us all a favor and shut your cakehole, Oswald, and get back to watchin’ yer wrasslin’ program.

*Subspecies of H. sapiens, primarily identified by a cultural affinity for swilling domestic beer, watching tractor pulls and professional wrestling, and loudly decrying them dirty Messkins comin’ across our border, stealin’ jobs from decent, God-fearin’ Murkins.

Microscopic examination of brain tissue in these specimens reveals the presence of only three neurons, of which one is infected, one infarcted, and the third inhibitory.

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