Kilted to Kick Cancer Spotlight: Evyl Robot Soapbox

One of the first people I contacted for prizes for the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge was Michael Hast of Michael's Custom Holsters. All too many gun owners will shell out serious money for a sidearm and then stick it in a cheaply made $15 nylon holster. Well, Michael's holsters are affordable, but they are anything but cheaply made. Not only was he happy to donate a holster and gun belt combo for the prize package (a set worth hundreds of dollars), he also collaborated with me on a concealed carry sporran I'll be reviewing on the blog in the next few days. While he was at it, he also joined the fundraising challenge, and he's been going kilted every day he can.

He's a shooter, Second Amendment advocate, maker of quality leather holsters, and good friend. You can support his fundraising efforts for the Prostate Cancer Foundation here, and LiveStrong here. Drop by his blog and let him you know you appreciate what he's doing, and drop a few bucks in the kitty for cancer research while you're there. If even 20 of you donated $5 each, that's $100 toward a very worthy cause.

He's Michael Hast, and he's Kilted to Kick Cancer.

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