Deer Crunching 101

What is it with Blogorado and hitting deer?

I killed the biggest deer of my life at Blogorado 2009, took him down at a dead run with a 318 Dakota. FarmGirl hits an elk with her Crown Victoria earlier in the year, leading to the construction of the Blogorado War Wagon and Death Machine, and then I take down a deer the day before I left for Blogorado, dinging my previously pristine 2010 Tacoma.

I don't know what it is with me and deer. I mean, I try to be vigilant, I scan the roadsides at night, I've installed those little ultrasonic deer-repelling whistles on every vehicle I've ever owned, and…

… oh, wait. Turns out I've had the damned things mounted backwards all along.

Well, shit. That explains things.

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