This Is Why We Wear Our Boots In Rough Country, Boys And Girls

Took a nine-mile hike through Comanche National Grasslands with FarmGirl this morning. Beautiful country, and plenty rugged. Took a gozillion pics which I'll post later.

Anyway, halfway through the hike, I stepped around a yucca plant, and felt a sting in my left ankle. I absentlymindedly swiped at it, and then paused a few steps later to give it a closer look. Hiked up my pants leg, rubbed the area through my sock, didn't feel much of anything, so I just shrugged and went on about my business.

This afternoon, when I stripped for my shower, I found this, that definitely wasn't there when I dressed this morning:


Pretty sure that's a dry snakebite. It went right through my sock, right above the shoe. Never heard a rattle, never saw the snake. But I've got two perfectly spaced holes a half-inch apart in my ankle, and I can't think of anything else that would leave a bite like that all the way through my sock.

Footwear for the rest of the week: Boots.