Shooter Self Care at #NRAAM

Okay, it’s on.

I’ll be teaching a Shooter Self Care course at the NRA Annual Meeting in April.

Class date: Saturday, April 11 2015

Time: Begins promptly at 0800, ends at 1300

Location: Hampton Inn, 310 4th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37201 (615) 277-5000

Tuition: $110

The course includes a Self Care Basic Trauma Kit, 2 pack of Halo Chest Seals, and SOF Wide Tactical Tourniquet. I had to increase the fee, as I have to rent a room and cover expenses. I’m not getting rich on this one, but I can’t go in the hole, either.

It’ll be taught by shooters (all of whom happen to be medics and EMT instructors), for shooters. We’ll cover:

  • Adult single-rescuer CPR and AED use
  • Recognition and management of life-threatening bleeding
  • Use of combat tourniquets
  • Hemostatic dressings
  • Occlusive dressings
  • Thoracic trauma treatment
  • Eye injuries

Bonus Material!: World famous gun blogger, storyteller and raconteur LawDog will be closing the day with a brief talk on physiological stress factors in defensive shootings, and the subsequent law enforcement response. If you’ve never considered what to do in the aftermath of a shooting, that’s a hole in your training you need to fill, and I couldn’t imagine a better guy to do it than LawDog.

Registration is limited to 24 participants, and I need time to order your kits, so sign up as soon as possible. Email me if you’d like to attend, and hit the Paypal Donate button at the bottom of my blog with your tuition.

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