Alexa, What’s the Dose for Bicarb?

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, Chris Cebollero and I welcome EMS1 Editor In Chief Greg Friese to the show to talk about technological advances in EMS.

Inside EMS Podcast: Does EMS need voice-activated technology?

With things like video laryngoscopy and prehospital point-of-care ultrasound, we think we’re well along the technology curve, but are we really fully integrating technology into EMS? Why aren’t we incorporating existing technology like voice-activated recording and wireless technology into our equipment? Have monitor manufacturers not adopted this technology simply because they believe we don’t care about it?

Think of what it would be like to record all code-events via voice-activated recording, ask your monitor to access a variety of drug information databases for interactions and doses, and record your patient history and import it to your ePCR?

What about your cardiac monitor as a docking and charging station, with all your peripherals – NIBP, EKG, etCO2, spO2, ultrasound – utilizing wireless technology? Wouldn’t that be the berries?

The technology already exists, yet for some reason nobody seems to be in a hurry to adopt it.

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