Kilted to Kick Cancer 2017: The Winners!

2017 was a tough year for fundraising. Between two major hurricanes hitting the US coast, another hitting Puerto Rico, earthquakes in Mexico, and much of the western United States on fire, compassion and fundraising fatigue hit us hard this year. 2017’s fundraising totals were well below previous years.

Still, we stayed on message and managed to raise a sizeable sum that, as you all know, will go directly to cancer research.

So without further ado, here are the 2017 KTKC Fundraising Challenge standings:

  • Team Soul Crusher  $2,891.50 (ineligible for prizes)
  • Team Dragon $1,955.00   FIRST PLACE!
  • Team Happy Medic  $1,743.50 (ineligible for prizes)
  • Team Larry and the Limey  $1,224.00 SECOND PLACE!
  • Team Jbro $653.00 THIRD PLACE!
  • Team Ambulance Driver  $607.00 (ineligible for prizes)
  • Team BWall $215.00 FOURTH PLACE!
  • Team Squidfoo $110.00 FIFTH PLACE!
  • Team Lonely Mountain  $105.00
  • Team HBC Concealment $90.00
  • Team Old NFO  $70.00

That’s a total of $9,664 donated directly to Kilted To Kick Cancer, with an untold amount donated to our sponsored Hurricane Harvey charities. Facebook fundraisers are still trickling in, but those should not change the team standings. Once they’re added to the total, we’ll be over $10k for the 2017 Fundraising Challenge, and considering what a year this has been, I’m damned proud of that.

Once again, Dennis Badurina of Team Dragon takes first place. That makes three years in a row for Dennis, and this year, he has graciously offered to return his prize package to the pool, with the exception of the Blauer boots. So, the 5th place team gets a prize package, but no boots.

Team Larry and the Limey picks first.

Team JBro picks second.

Team BWall picks third.

Team Squidfoo picks fourth (no boots).

Thanks, gentlemen, for your participation this year, and let’s make it even bigger next year!

Edit 2:56 pm CDT: Team Larry and the Limey choose package 3, Team JBro chooses Package 1.

Edit: Team BWall gets package 2, Team Squidfoo gets package 4!

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