Went through the old Blog Roll today, and deleted over 200 defunct blogs. Most are not blogging any more, a few I keep up with in meatspace or on social media.

More than a few are dead, and for some of them… I just can’t. Deleting their link would be saying goodbye, and I’m not ready to do that.

In the next few days, there will be Amazon purchase links for all my books and short stories there on the right sidebar, along with a special Member’s Lounge where I’ll post premium content for newsletter subscribers.

Worry not, the free ice cream will be available here, but the premium flavors will be reserved for subscribers. Now, what premium flavors, you might ask? Well, one short story a month will be posted on Amazon Kindle for a whopping $0.99. At the end of the year, newsletter subscribers will get a free Kindle purchase link to a compilation of those short stories, or have the option to purchase the paperback at cost.

We’ll do other things as well; promotions, book giveaways and such where you’ll have the opportunity to be die in glorious fashion as a red-shirt in an upcoming book and a lucky few will get full Tuckerizing, with your own dialogue, character development and story arc.

If you wanna subscribe to the newsletter, drop me your name and email address and I’ll add you.

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